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E-Newsletter: A Message from the Governor


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In August, led by our dynamic private sector, Maryland reached a milestone in our economic recovery: Together, we recovered 100 percent of the jobs lost in the national recession.

Maryland is leading the region in job creation. Over the past 12 months, Maryland businesses have created nearly nine out of every 10 new jobs in our state. Today, there are 43,300 more Marylanders working than this time last year, and we're creating jobs almost twice as fast as our neighbors in Virginia.

But while recovering 100 percent of the jobs lost in the recession is an important milestone in our recovery, we do not think of it as a mission accomplished. We are now focused on moving beyond 100 percent, to continue to expand opportunity and grow our increasingly-diverse middle class. This is why we have invested record funding the education of our children, and why we have worked hard to keep college affordable.

This is why we are funding job training programs that provide Marylanders with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century workforce. This is why we will continue our efforts to create jobs in Maryland, and to prepare our increasingly-diverse middle class to fill them.

Thank you,

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