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Congressman Pittenger: Real Crisis is Unwillingness to Live Within Our Means


Location: Washington, DC

Tonight, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) joined a bipartisan majority to reopen the federal government and prevent a default on America's national debt.

"This is a short-term fiscal plan, allowing three or four months for substantive negotiations on bringing Washington's reckless spending under control. My hope is that the House, Senate, and White House will sit down like adults and make good use of this window," commented Congressman Pittenger.

"The federal government takes in $2.5 trillion in revenue each year, but spends $3.5 trillion! Clearly, Washington has a spending problem. Leading economists on both sides of the aisle warn America is hurtling toward economic collapse like Greece, unless we bring our spending under control.

"The real crisis, the real danger to our National security and continued prosperity, is our unwillingness to live within our means."

Tonight's bipartisan legislation funds government operations through January 15th, extends the debt ceiling through early February, and maintains vital spending cuts previously agreed to by Republicans and Democrats. The legislation also requires the Obama Administration to certify that recipients of Obamacare subsidies actually meet the financial requirements for taxpayer-funded assistance.

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