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Congressman Pittenger: Two Common-Sense Proposals Only Sticking Points in Shutdown


Location: Washington, DC

Constituents frequently ask Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) what it will take to end the government shutdown.

House Republicans have passed four separate offers to fund the government and prevent a shutdown, most recently requesting only two common-sense commitments from Senate Democrats: No lucrative healthcare subsidy for Members of Congress and senior White House staff, and a delay in the individual mandate, consistent with the delay given 1,100 major corporations who are friends of the White House.

"First, I believe America's leaders should be treated the same as ordinary American citizens," explained Congressman Pittenger. "Members of the Congress and Senate, our staff, senior White House staff, and Presidential appointees should receive their insurance via Obamacare, and not be granted a lucrative, taxpayer-funded subsidy to pay for it. This is only fair.

"Second, since President Obama has provided a lucrative, one-year delay to 1,100 major corporations, allowing them to skip key provisions of Obamacare, we believe ordinary Americans should receive the same one-year break. Why should big business be allowed to cancel your health insurance with no penalty, while at the same time President Obama fines you for not having health insurance?

"Despite what you may have heard in the media, these two, modest, common-sense requests are the only sticking points in negotiations over the government shutdown. Except, there are no negotiations because Senate Democrats refuse to come to the table and join us in adult conversation."

Congressman Pittenger continues to join bipartisan House coalitions in passing legislation to reopen important sections of the federal government, including full funding for veterans services, medical research, and the Food and Drug Administration. As of today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused to take action on 9 separate spending bills, needlessly prolonging the shutdown.

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