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Respect for Our Fallen Heroes

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HUDSON. Mr. Speaker, it has been 8 days since the government shut down. The postal service is still running. Social Security and unemployment checks are being processed. Citizens can get passports and food stamps, and certain groups that have the right ideology are even given permits to protest on our National Mall; but for some reason, our military families, including those at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, cannot receive emergency death benefits.

This is worse than excusable. It's shameful.

Last week, Congress unanimously passed the Pay Our Military Act, with the intent that all military pay and allowances will be disbursed during the government shutdown. Unfortunately, this administration has been playing political theater with the families of our war heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

To make our intent crystal clear, today the House passed the Honoring the Families of Fallen Soldiers Act. Certain things should transcend politics, and it is up to the Senate and the administration. In fact, they have a moral obligation to join the efforts of the House to fix this problem and to express our deepest gratitude to the families of our her

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