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Iran Sanctions

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HOLDING. Mr. Speaker, a nuclear-armed Iran is simply unacceptable and would pose a grave national security threat to our Nation and our allies.

Sanctions against the Iranian regime are having an effect on their nation's economy and remain a key tool for U.S. policymakers. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is asking to delay new sanctions following all the talk about historic, high-level meetings, and phone calls.

Mr. Speaker, now is not the time to be fooled by the rhetoric coming out of Tehran, especially as they push harder every day to develop a nuclear bomb. Before we even begin to discuss any deal with Tehran, we need to increase the pressure that has been working. It's time for the Senate to pass the House's new round of sanctions, which recently passed on this very floor with 400 votes.

Each day the Iranian regime is able to further drag out the promise of talks is another day that centrifuges will keep spinning. Once they're done spinning, they won't have any need to talk again.

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