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Blog: Rebuilding Stronger and Smarter


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Dear Fellow Coloradan,

The September floods devastated dozens of communities across the Front Range and through the plains. When the torrential rains finally stopped, entire towns had been nearly wiped off the map. But Coloradans have shown the nation that in the face of natural disasters, our resilient spirit shines through and we do all we can to rebuild better, stronger and smarter than before.

That's why, with Coloradans by my side, I've been working tirelessly to ensure that we have access to every federal resource available to aid our recovery.

As part of that effort, I am proud to announce that I was able to clear the way for Colorado to receive up to $450 million for flood-related highway recovery and road rebuilding efforts -- a significant, game-changing amount of support.

Because of this momentous win, Colorado will be able to reconnect communities marooned by the flood -- and re-forge the links between the economies and Main Street businesses in places like Jamestown, Lyons and other communities.

Thanks to countless residents, volunteers and National Guard troops, we are making incredible progress. The work to rebuild U.S. Highway 36 -- a critical route between Lyons and Estes Park -- is moving along quickly and the highway is open. And so many other communities in Boulder, Weld, Larimer and counties across the region are on track to recover.

The emergency transportation funds that I helped secure will ensure that Colorado's recovery efforts are not slowed down. But rebuilding takes hard work, and Coloradans across the state must continue to support the dedicated professionals and volunteers who are on the front lines of our recovery efforts.

Please join me in thanking the FEMA personnel, National Guard volunteers and countless other Coloradans who are helping us rebuild stronger and smarter.

Colorado's sense of strength is shining through. Together, we'll make our communities whole again.

Warm regards,

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