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McIntyre Statement on Government Shutdown, Federal Employees, and Head Star


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre released the following statement regarding the government shutdown and tonight's votes on several key bills:

"Tonight, I voted for several bills which will:

* ensure the operations of Head Start continue so that our young children are ready for school and families are receiving the support they need to help their children;
* pay federal employees who are currently working in the shutdown and not have them wait for the government to re-open before being paid;
* establish a U.S. House/U.S. Senate working group to meet and make recommendations on resolving the current government shutdown and debt ceiling issue.

"We need an American solution to get this government back and working -- not a Democratic one, not a Republican one, not an Independent one -- an American one. The cycle of governing by crisis needs to stop, and we all have a shared responsibility to find solutions that work for the betterment of our great nation.

"I have voted at every opportunity to end this shutdown. It is time for the bi-partisan bickering to end and for both parties to work together. A good first step would be to bring a clean budget bill to the floor for a vote, so we can re-open the government and begin to address the challenges we have."

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