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Foxx Votes to Restore Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Indian Education, Indian Health Service


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) voted today with a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives to immediately restore funding to programs that serve 1.7 million American Indians and Alaska Natives. The American Indian and Alaska Native, Health, Education, and Safety Act (H.J.Res.80) passed through the House with 21 Democrats joining more than 200 Republicans in support.

"Like my constituents, I think the gridlock in Washington needs to stop. To have any hope of solving the challenges before us -- be it this shutdown or America's debt crisis - Democrats can't simply refuse to negotiate; they have to be willing to work together. Divided government demands bipartisan solutions," Congresswoman Foxx stated. "Twenty-one Democrats joined a Republican majority in the House of Representatives today to provide immediate funding for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Indian Education, and the Indian Health Service. This is just one of more than fifteen separate proposals the House has offered to eliminate the pain and frustration of this federal shutdown for the American people.

"Fourteen days into the Senate's forced shutdown and just days prior to government's credit limit being reached, it's time for serious bipartisan solutions to open government and get America's debt under control. The House remains committed to a bipartisan solution to fully fund the federal government, but we need Democrats in the United States Senate to work with us to reopen services and address the reality of America's staggering national debt."

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