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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. ELLMERS. Mr. Speaker, today is day 10 of ObamaCare exchanges being up, or supposedly being up. We now know the problems with the exchanges are not just due to high traffic; rather, technology experts have reported the real problems are with the actual structure and shoddy software used for the exchanges.

The Hill reported on October 8, from one expert, James Turner, software engineer, ``It's probably the most broken release that I have ever seen.''

I am hearing firsthand the frustrations from my constituents. One constituent said:

The program freezes up when you try to enter your tax filing status. You can't get past it. Same thing happens when I try to apply over the phone. I've called every day since October 1, all different times of the day, and have gotten nothing but the runaround, one excuse after the other, that their system is down.

I've called during peak time. I've called during off-peak time, but apparently there are no on-peak hours. If I can't get qualified for a subsidy before January 1, we will have to let our insurance lapse.

With that, Mr. Speaker, I say, this is a defective exchange, and it is only part of the problem.

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