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Time for Bipartisan Solutions

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, it is time for solutions to end the government shutdown and resolve the uncertainty of America's rapidly approaching credit limit. Every day House Republicans are working to shape a bipartisan agreement to reopen the Federal Government and restore services for the American people.

While the Senate has refused to talk, House Republicans have worked to find bipartisan common ground and pass legislation to restore services that should be open and running for North Carolinians and for all Americans. Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives passed 15 separate measures to pay our military, restore the WIC program, open national parks, and end delays to veteran benefit applications, among other important things.

Like my constituents, I think the gridlock in Washington needs to stop. To have any hope of solving the challenges before us, be it this shutdown or our debt crisis, Democrats can't simply refuse to negotiate. They have to be willing to work together. Divided government demands bipartisan solutions.

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