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Bipartisanship Starts with a Talk

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, in 2006, then-Senator Barack Obama decried a proposed debt ceiling increase as a ``sign of leadership failure'' and then voted against raising the debt limit. Two years later, Candidate Obama referred to the $4 trillion debt accrued by his predecessor as ``irresponsible'' and ``unpatriotic.'' $6.1 trillion and 4 1/2 years later, he is demanding that Congress raise the debt ceiling without so much as a conversation as to what we can do to get control of spending and leave less debt to our kids and grandkids.

This seems less than responsible to me. To have any hope of solving the challenges before us, leaders have to be willing to work together. So let's defend our credit rating by getting control over our bills and strengthening our fiscal foundation.

Whether the challenge is ending the shutdown or confronting our debt, divided government demands bipartisan solutions, and finding bipartisan agreement starts by sitting down to talk.

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