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Straight Talk with Sam: Confronting our Debt Crisis


Location: Washington, DC

The government shutdown may be behind us, but our nation's fiscal woes remain in front of us. The deal that was agreed to last week does nothing to deal with our out-of-control spending or reduce our tremendous debt. Instead, all it does is guarantee more borrowing.

James Madison once said, "I go on the principle that a public debt is a public curse." But a lot of folks in Washington today don't seem to understand that we are spending money we just don't have. As President Reagan would say, we don't have a $17 trillion debt because we haven't taxed enough; we have a $17 trillion debt because we spend too much.

As a result, the United States faces a debt crisis unlike any our country has ever known. Too often, Washington is content to just kick the can down the road and wait for another day to deal with the problem. But every day we wait to act just makes the problem worse.

The American people deserve better than these temporary wait-until-tomorrow measures that don't address the underlying problems. We need a real solution that reduces our debt, enacts commonsense spending cuts, and puts us on the path to a balanced budget.

If we do not make the tough choices now, we will be putting the burden of a weak economy and higher taxes on our children and grandchildren. We cannot, in good conscience, accept this path for America. Please know that as your representative, I will continue to support fiscally responsible policies to lower our debt.


Sam Graves

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