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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript: Government Shutdown and Debt Limit


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SCHULTZ: And we welcome Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow now to the program tonight. Senator, good to have you with us.

SEN. DEBBIE STABENOW, (D) MICHIGAN: Great to be with you Ed.

SCHULTZ: You bet. Lots of calculation in the coming days about how harmful the shutdown was to the economy. Your thoughts on this. What`s your calculation?

STABENOW: Well, Ed thousands has been saying -- I mean $24 billion to the economy. You know, I chair the agriculture committee. We work really hard to eliminate subsidies and get $24 billion dollars in savings over the next 10 years. They did it in just a couple of weeks, $24 billion.

They`re stopping (ph) start crises over the last few years have caused us 900,000 jobs. And as you know I focus on manufacturing and I can tell you democrats would rather be focused on manufacturing jobs than another manufacturing crisis, just manufactured crisis that they`ve been doing is outrageous. It`s irresponsible. It`s reckless. And I hope they`re not.

SCHULTZ: Senator, 18 of your colleagues in the senate last night voted for default. I mean, I find that to be a shocking number. I thought it would have been, you know, at least 90-95 votes or something like that, but it wasn`t. It wasn`t near that.

My question to you is how do you plan to move forward in this environment, when you have ideologues who have no problem causing the taxpayer $24 billion, yet they fight to the (ph) nail over $3 billion in the senate over food stamps?

STABENOW: Well, you know, first of all we`ve got to bring together the middle, the people that do govern. In my judgment, some of those folks were just never going to be able to talk to them, you know, what they honestly want to say .

SCHULTZ: What do you think the middle thinks to this?

STABENOW: . makes no sense.

SCHULTZ: What do you think the middle thinks to this?

STABENOW: Well, I know in the senate, when we were coming to the floor and saying, "We need to resolve this. We need to come together." We were joined by republicans like John McCain, like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, others who were embarrassed and angry at what was being done to their party and so .

SCHULTZ: They were embarrassed by Ted Cruz?

STABENOW: Oh, there`s no question about it. No question about it. When Ted Cruz is on the floor speaking, you normally see no other republican in the room. And so we`re going to move forward whether it`s focusing on the budget, I`m a senior member (ph) of the budget committee and we`ve got a very tough road to go here in terms of trying to put together a balance budget whether it`s the farm bill. I also have my confidence going on now. We`re going to find that reasonable middle that
moves things forward, but .

SCHULTZ: What is the reason -- Senator, I have great respect for you, what is the reasonable middle when they want to cut social security? When they want to .

STABENOW: Well, that`s not reasonable.

SCHULTZ: OK, all right.

STABENOW: No, no, no. Let me say, first of all, you know what the hardest about all of this is -- there`s two things I would say in terms of going into this budget. First of all, they won`t acknowledge that we already have put in place $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction.


STABENOW: You know, Simpson Bowles said four trillion. We`ve put in place two and a half, and the yearly deficit has been pack in (ph) half. So that`s one thing. The second thing is and as you know, we start from saying, "Yes, we`re getting older, demographics are changing, how do we strengthen Medicare and social security for the future?" They say, "How do we eliminate it?" So we are in very different spot and the only way we come together is if we -- together, if they decide that social security and Medicare are here to stay .


STABENOW: . and that we need to find things that will strengthen it for the future.

SCHULTZ: And what are the chances of us going through this exercise again in your opinion?

STABENOW: You know, I don`t know. I really don`t know. I do know that the majority of members in the senate, the majority of republicans do not want to go through this again. I`m sure that Ted Cruz does. But in the House of Representatives, it`s hard to know.

SCHULTZ: Well, that`s 144 .

STABENOW: It`s really hard to know.

SCHULTZ: . of them last night that voted for default. I think that`s an awfully .


SCHULTZ: . an awfully strong statement about how united these Tea Partiers or whatever .


SCHULTZ: . they call themselves, how crazy they are to shut down the government and then take us to the edge of default. Well, we know what moves republicans and that`s near crisis and collapse. So we did burn the .

STABENOW: Well, as I said again -- you know, as I said again, we want manufacturing jobs not manufacturing crisis. So we are .

SCHULTZ: All right, Senator .

STABENOW: . going to pivot it back to jobs.

SCHULTZ: Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, good to have you on the Ed Show. Thank you so much.


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