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Following Vote, Nolan Optimistic Over Budget Negotiations


Location: Washington, DC

Following the late-night 285-144 House vote affirming the bipartisan agreement to fund the government and end the shutdown, Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan released the following statement:

"I'm relieved we have come to a common-sense deal that ends this reckless, unnecessary shutdown, averts a catastrophic default on our debt, and gets people back to work.

Quite frankly, the spending priorities in this agreement include funding levels I don't support. But I was willing to vote in favor of the bill in order to get us back to the work we were elected to do, and to stop potentially irreparable harm to our economy, our government services, and to the people and jobs these services support.

Now we need to immediately begin negotiating a reasonable long-term agreement to reinvest our money in education, infrastructure, research, and human development while making wise cuts to reduce our deficit.

I am optimistic that we can come together and embrace new ideas with all members regardless of party, and make progress on negotiations so necessary for our nation's prosperous future."

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