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Reps. Ron Kind and Charlie Dent Working Group Statement on Deal to Avert Default, End Government Shutdown


Location: Washington, DC

The House bipartisan working group spearheading the effort to resolve the fiscal impasse in Washington issued the following statement in response to the announcement of a deal to reopen the government and avoid a default on the nation's debts:

"On day one of the government shutdown, we joined together not as Democrats, not as Republicans, but as Americans deeply committed to resolving this impasse and avoiding a self-inflicted economic wound that would devastate families across the country. As it became clear that partisanship -- and not problem solving -- would dominate the discussion in Washington, we were joined by pragmatic, like-minded leaders on both sides of the aisle. In informal talks, we were able to put our differences aside and develop a potential solution.

We applaud our Senate colleagues for working together to come up with a solution. Now it is time for Congress to act to get the government open and avoid further roiling the markets. We look forward to continuing our bipartisan discussions with the goal of putting forth a long-term deficit reduction agreement to get our fiscal house in order and finding other areas of cooperation."

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