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On the 14th day of a partial government shutdown, the United States on Monday was only days away from defaulting on its debts. Sen. Bernie Sanders said the first default in American history would likely mean a spike in interest rates for home mortgages, car loans, student loans and credit cards and could wipe out family savings. "This must not be allowed to happen," he said. Appearing Monday on MSNBC, Sanders said he hoped negotiators reach a long-term agreement to reopen the government and avert default so we don't "go through this insanity again" in a few weeks or months. He expected Wall Street financial backers of Republicans in Congress would persuade House Speaker John Boehner "to break from these extreme right-wing Republicans" who forced the shutdown on Oct. 1 and who are threatening to let the government default if they don't get their way on defunding the Affordable Care Act or cutting Social Security.

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