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Cuccinelli Statement on McAuliffe-Obama War on Coal


Location: Unknown

Ken Cuccinelli today released the following statement after Terry McAuliffe admitted his support for new regulations, recently announced by President Barack Obama's Environmental Protection Agency, that will effectively shut down production of coal-fired power plants, lead to higher energy prices for Virginia families, and cost the Commonwealth jobs.

"More than a week ago, Terry McAuliffe said he had to huddle with his "experts' before deciding whether to support new regulations that will destroy jobs, raise energy prices for all Virginians and uproot an important part of the Commonwealth's heritage. Today, my opponent finally admitted his full support for the War on Coal by endorsing the EPA's new regulations. While this fulfills McAuliffe's desires expressed in 2009 that as governor he never wanted another coal plant built, it demonstrates my opponent has been deliberately misleading Virginians during this campaign by suggesting he supports the coal industry. The fact that McAuliffe is taking this position now begs the question of what his motivations were and whether donations from his radical environmentalist supporters played a role.

"How is it even possible that a person running to be Virginia's chief executive would come out in support of a policy that will put our Commonwealth at a competitive disadvantage and put men and women -- particularly in Southwest Virginia -- out of work? As I have said repeatedly in recent months, the War on Coal is a war on Virginia's poor and a war on competitiveness for Virginia. At a time of continued economic uncertainty, leaders in Richmond need to give our job creators and families more tools to pursue economic opportunity, not more burdens.

"As today's announcement again made clear, I'm the only candidate in this race who has consistently fought for Virginia jobs and responsible energy policy. It's unfortunate that my opponent has been unwilling to fight for either.

"As Attorney General, I can tell you that these regulations are legally tenuous, and if I'm Governor, you can count on me to fight them. If Terry is Governor, you can count on him to roll over to the federal government." -- Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

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