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Kicking the Can Down the Road


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Carter (R-TX31) is releasing the following statement regarding the Senate's plan to end the government shutdown. While the House of Representatives passed for the Senate's plan, Congressman Carter could not vote for "business as usual" and was one of -- House members to oppose the Senate's plan.

"I did not vote for the "business as usual' legislation which continues to turn a blind eye to our out of control spending in Washington. Simply kicking the can down the road is not what my constituents have sent me to Washington to do. We must get back to regular order, which ensures the Congress to provide fiscally responsible budgets that the American people believe in," said Congressman Carter. "The government shutdown and debt ceiling are not responsible ways to provide the American people what they deserve, which is a strong economy, job growth and a government that allows all Americans to succeed. It is now time for the President and Senate to sit down with House of Representatives to negotiate REAL pro-growth solutions and spending reforms. The American people deserve these solutions so we can provide the American dream for not just this generation but also for our children and grandchildren."

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