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Location: Washington, DC

Thousands of Department of Defense (DoD) employees and defense contractors are still not at work, all because President Obama and his Democrat-controlled Senate are failing to uphold the law. Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Pay our Armed Forces Act which was then passed in the Senate and was signed into law. The goal of this House legislation was to ensure ALL DoD employees, including contract workers, would be back at work on Tuesday. This has not happened.

Instead, the White House has prevented contract employees from working, saying the law only covers uniformed service members and those deemed "essential."

"The President is playing political games with the American public and our national security. His clear disregard for the men and women and their families that support our national security is unacceptable," said Congressman Carter. "The law is clear- all DoD employees should be back at work right now and all should be getting paid. The funding has been approved. The President is holding the pay of thousands as ransom."

Congressman Carter is especially worried about those contract employees living and working in his district.

"I represent Fort Hood and I know that the families supporting our national security should not be affected by the President's political games. We have the funding available to help them but yet again, we cannot trust this President to enforce the laws," said Congressman Carter. "I am working with my fellow colleagues to enforce the current law while expanding the appropriations to encompass all soldiers, civilians and contractors within the Department of Defense."

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