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Governor Christie: Frankly They Could Give A Damn About All The Politics


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: Now I don't know, I'm looking around, I might be the only Republican within like shouting distance around here, I don't know. But the point is these nursing students don't care whether the new building that they're going to get to learn, and grow, and perfect their profession in is built by a Republican or a Democrat. They don't care whether the economic development that they'll see sprouting around this comes from a Republican or a Democrat initiative. These men over here who are going to build this building for us don't care whether that building project came from a Republican or from a Democrat. And the point of being down here is not just to put a spotlight on Camden, but to put a spotlight on the fact that when we work together, when we find common ground, when we're willing to put aside our partisan differences to find the things that we know are important to the people of our state and get them done these are the kind of things that happen. And for the people who give us these jobs in the first place, frankly they could give a damn about all the politics, they want us to get the job done. And all you need to do is look about 200 miles south of here to see the mess that Republicans and Democrats have made of our national government and we should haul all their rear-ends to Camden today to see how bipartisanship works and government works together.

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