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Blackburn Fights for Children with Cancer and World War II Veterans


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) issued the following statement on action taken by House Republicans today to restore funding for the National Institutes of Health and to reopen America's national parks and museums.

"Unfortunately, the Obama-Reid government shutdown won't end until Democrats come to the negotiating table to address their spending differences with both Republicans and the American people. My colleagues and I will continue to bring ideas forward to keep the government funded because we know this is an extremely important issue to our constituents. To those who refuse to talk about real solutions, I ask you to take a step toward compromise by talking with us to reach a funding bill for our government.

"The parents of children suffering with cancer are worried about the effects that this government shutdown will have on the National Institutes of Health and its dedicated researchers and employees. Republicans have acted to make sure that those families that rely on the NIH for life-saving cancer research and treatment won't have to wait any longer. I hope Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats can find the compassion in their hearts to do the same. Democrats shouldn't be allowed to hold funding for the National Institutes of Health hostage because they want to keep the government shut down.The idea that we can't help people in need because Democrats are unwilling to compromise is intolerable.

"We have witnessed American families agonize over what parts of our country's rich heritage they would be allowed to see and our nation's WWII veterans have found themselves barricaded fromthe monument to their hard-earned achievements. This is simply not right. We've also acted to open our nation's parks and museums so that families can enjoy the beauty and history these wonderful places have to offer. Yet, President Obama has threatened to veto these bills. It's a shame that the Commander-in-Chief would turn his back on American families and our nation's heroes.

"Just as we have watched support for the President's health care law crumble under a mass of broken promises, we are now seeing our government and it's people suffer as a result of his failure to work with us. House Republicans remain committed to ending this government shutdown and fighting to protect the American people from Obamacare. It's time for the Senate and President Obama to join us so we can find a workable solution that achieves fairness for all."

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