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NECN - Broadside: Rep. Sciortino on Syria: 'We don't need more wars'

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State Rep. Carl Sciortino for 34th Middlesex District was the first Democratic candidate in Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District primary to say he would vote against military action in Syria.

Sciortino joins Jim Braude on Broadside to explain his position.

"We have seen way too many wars in the last 10 years," said Sciortino. "I've had too many friends and family members serve in Iraq and Afghanistan - one of which, we know, was based on lies. Both of which dragged out well beyond when they were expected to end. We don't need more wars."

The candidate to replace now Sen. Ed Markey in Congress explained that he would hope for the U.S. to explore every possible diplomatic and peaceful option before taking military action.


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