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Brownsberger Calls for Broader Public Discourse on Military Interventions

Press Release

Location: Belmont, MA

In light of the current Washington debate regarding Syria, Democratic 5th District candidate Will Brownsberger today called for a strengthening of the role of Congress in future conflicts. Brownsberger applauds the President's decision to seek Congressional approval on any U.S. role in the current conflict, and if elected, he will seek to update the War Powers Resolution to ensure appropriate debate on future military engagements.

In response to Vietnam, Congress passed the War Powers Resolution to make it less likely that the United States would edge into another war without Congressional approval. Brownsberger recommends strengthening the War Powers Resolution for future conflicts due to advances in military technology, such as our ability to have a significant impact in a conflict without any members of our armed forces on the ground or even within a country's airspace.

"Neither the speed nor the remote nature of modern warfare is provided for in the War Powers Resolution, so the President appears have the legal ability to engage our military in significant conflict without seeking Congressional approval and without violating that resolution," Brownsberger said. "I believe the War Powers Resolution is outdated, and must be updated after 40 years of evolution in the way we assess and respond to conflicts. The seriousness of these issues merits a broad public debate, now and in the future."

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