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End the Government Shutdown

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. This morning, 186 Democrats signed a petition to end the Republican shutdown and routinely continue to fund the government through November 15 while we work out our differences.

We need only 32 more signatures. I expect every Democrat to sign. Will some on the other side of the aisle cross over to reopen the government, go back to regular order, and negotiate our differences without a shutdown government, without threatening to default on the United States of America?

Earlier, we tried to bring up a bill that would do that under unanimous consent, but the Republicans changed the rules of the House. After more than 200 years, they changed the rules to say ``no,'' we couldn't bring that bill up. We cannot have a vote on continuing to run the government.

Now, man up. Man up over there. Give us a vote. If you have got the votes, then you can keep the government shut down. If we have the votes, we go back to routinely funding a continuing resolution for the government until November 15. I think that would be a service to the American people.

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