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Leader Cantor: We Cannot Waste Any More Time


Location: Washington, DC

"The American people expect both sides to sit down and work out their differences when you're operating in divided government. So I'm pleased today that we've had an invitation from the White House to actually begin to do that.

"We have seen now for 10 days a government shutdown. It's not what we asked for. It is the result of the two parties not being able to sit down and talk.

"There is very little time left; we cannot waste any more time. What we have discussed as a conference is a temporary extension of the debt ceiling in exchange for a real commitment by this President and the Senate Majority Leader to sit down and talk about the pressing problems that are facing all the American people.

"And that includes a broad array of issues. We look forward to that happening, and if you look throughout history, presidents who have governed in a divided government have all sat down and talked with the other side. It's about time this is happening."

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