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Gardner Comments on Latest CR Proposal


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Cory Gardner (CO-04) released the following statement today regarding the latest continuing resolution proposal by the House Republican Conference:

"For the third time this month, I will vote for a continuing resolution that funds the government and keeps it open. I will vote for a continuing resolution that ends the special treatment Congress receives under Obamacare -- everyone should be treated the same. Unions, Congress, the Administration -- everyone must be treated the same way under the President's healthcare law.

"Furthermore, this continuing resolution seeks to treat individuals in the same manner in which President Obama has said that corporations will be treated under Obamacare. The American people deserve a one year delay of the individual mandate, plain and simple, just like businesses. It is unreasonable to force Americans to purchase a product from marketplaces that aren't ready to sell them. Pricing of plans, methods of purchase, plan details -- this information is murky at best. Why do corporations get special treatment under the President's healthcare law?

"Republicans have shown a willingness to compromise time and time again, protecting the economy and healthcare while keeping government funded. Americans expect action from both parties in the House and Senate."

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