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Governor Christie: Closing Government Is Not In The Job Description


Location: Unknown

For all of the students here at Steven's thank you for giving us optimism about the future. When we watch the craziness that's going on as we speak in Washington DC and the lack of leadership and the failure of the people who are supposed to be running our government -- it's a fundamental failure you know when you're charged with running the government, to close it. That's not in the job description. I can guarantee you that. But when things like that can tend to make us pessimistic and cynical about the future of our country that's why I'm so lucky to come to a place like this today because for other people in public life who are living in a sea of cynicism and self-interest, I get to come and visit in a place full of optimism and service for our society in the future. And so enjoy homecoming weekend. Enjoy having alumni who love this place back here. Enjoy having parents back here to visit, if just for a few days, and enjoy all of the extraordinary opportunities that this very, very special place is going to present to all of you over the next number of years. Those experiences will carry you well for the rest of your life. So, Mr. President, Mr. Chairman and Ashley, thank you so much for the warm welcome. Thank you for the extraordinary work you do here every day. And please know that no matter what else happens to me in the rest of my life, the most extraordinary honor and privilege I suspect I'll ever have is to be the governor of the state where I was born and raised. Thanks for giving me that opportunity.

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