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Pass Senate CR Today

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. CAROLYN B. MALONEY of New York. Mr. Speaker, the path to ending this shutdown right now is clear: bring up the clean Senate-passed CR for a vote. That would end this manufactured, self-inflicted crisis immediately.

These piecemeal attempts at deflection offered by my friends on the other side of the aisle are wretched governance.

Compromise is built into our Constitution, and the Senate-passed CR is itself a compromise. It accepts the annual spending level of $986 billion, roughly $70 billion less than what the Senate endorsed in its budget plan earlier this year.

Again, this manufactured crisis could end right now by voting on the clean Senate continuing resolution today.

According to Moody's, a shutdown that lasts even 3 or 4 days will cost the economy approximately 0.2 percentage points of the annual GDP growth in the fourth quarter. And the consequences only get worse, as the shutdown continues, on our economy. This completely avoidable contraction is the opposite of policies we need to create jobs and strengthen and grow our economy.

We need to pass a clean CR today.

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