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RSC Unveils the American Health Care Reform Act

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise, RSC Health Care Working Group Chairman Dr. Phil Roe, and others today unveiled the American Health Care Reform Act, a bill to repeal and replace President Obama's health care law.

"While we continue fighting to repeal the president's health care law, it is also important to lay out the reforms we stand behind and support," Scalise said. "American families and businesses deserve and demand real solutions to the serious problems that exist in our health care system. The RSC's American Health Care Reform Act is a common-sense bill that will lower costs using conservative, free-market solutions which give American families more choices without the unworkable mandates and billions in taxes included in President Obama's health care law. By allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines and pool together so small businesses and families can get the same buying power as large corporations, we can lower costs and increase choices while removing Washington bureaucrats from your health care decisions. I'm proud to lead this effort with my conservative colleagues in the RSC and look forward to debating these reforms on the House floor."

"I came to Congress because, as a physician, I wanted to help shape policy to reform our nation's health care system," said Roe. "Unfortunately, during the ObamaCare debate, no one asked me or any of the other Republican doctors what we thought, despite requesting several meetings with the president because I saw this train wreck coming. We know the president's health care law is unworkable and that is exactly why Chairman Scalise asked me to help draft a replacement bill. Our bill will not increase taxes, does not rely on mandates, expands coverage and lowers costs. The president and his allies claim that Republicans have no ideas for health care reform and that couldn't be further from the truth. The RSC bill is a market-based, commonsense alternative to ObamaCare and I am proud to have worked with the Chairman and drafting committee on this important legislation."

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