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Ground Report - Chu accuses Republicans in Congress of "Cutthroat Tactics"

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Location: Unknown

By Robert Tilford

On September 28, 2013 Rep. Judy Chu of California asked for and was granted permission to address the United States House of Representatives for one minute regarding the threatened government shutdown.

"Mr. Speaker, yet again, House Republicans have taken us down to the wire--refusing to pass a budget or to pay our bills on time. As The Wall Street Journal asked recently of the GOP: "Are you nuts?"

"If their antics force the government to shut down, our military, including people serving overseas right now, will not be paid on time. If they default on our bills, 10 million Americans won't receive their Social Security checks on time, and families will pay higher interest rates on their mortgages, loans, and credit cards. The last time Republicans took us to the brink, the S&P downgraded our credit rating. If the GOP doesn't compromise, they could trigger a worldwide financial crisis and cause long-term economic damage", he said.

"Since when have these cutthroat tactics been an acceptable way to govern? The answer is: they are not", said Rep. Chu (source: Congressional Record

In the 113th Congress, Rep. Chu serves on the House Judiciary Committee, where she is a member of two Subcommittees: Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations, and Intellectual Property (IP) and the Internet.

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