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Donnelly Pleased Most National Guard, Reserve Members Back to Work


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Senator Joe Donnelly released the following statement after Defense Secretary Hagel announced over the weekend that he would be putting most of the 350,000 furloughed Department of Defense workers back on the job.

"I'm pleased that most members of the National Guard and Reserves will be back to work protecting our nation and that they will receive pay," said Donnelly. "Now, I call on both parties to put aside the political rhetoric, get the government back up and running, and agree to pay the bills we have already incurred. Let's put everyone back on the job and start focusing on improving our economy, not creating problems for American families' pocketbooks."

Last week, Senator Donnelly joined 49 other senators from both parties in sending a letter to Secretary Hagel asking him to use the latitude offered to him by the "Pay Our Military Act," which was unanimously passed by Congress and signed by the President, to return members of the National Guard and Reserves back to their critical jobs of protecting our nation and ensure those who serve troops and their family members receive their pay.

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