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Debt Ceiling

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, it is a sad truth that our jaw-dropping $16.7 trillion national debt pales in comparison to the totality of future spending obligations the Congressional Budget Office forecasts. A change in spending habits and a reform to mandatory spending obligations isn't just advisable in this moment; it is absolutely essential for America's long-term financial health.

But meaningful reform is impossible without leadership from the White House. Is President Obama willing to lead and enact reforms to make our country stronger? It appears not.

The President has made it no secret that he is loathe to engage in bipartisan negotiations regardless of what is at stake--whether it be reopening the Federal Government for the American people, or containing our debt crisis so our children and grandchildren aren't left to pay for previous generations' irresponsibility.

Refusing to negotiate on the debt ceiling is code for refusing to make any changes to reduce future debt.

Mr. Speaker, as this body knows, it is foolish to take aim at the symptom without also treating the disease.

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