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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, I heard the Speaker say that the House has done its work by delaying ObamaCare. I'd like to remind the Speaker and all my colleagues on the GOP side that the work that has to be done is to pass a budget to keep the government open.

The issue of ObamaCare is over. It was resolved in the last Presidential election when the President was reelected and said that he was going to continue with it. Why do we continue to talk about ObamaCare? I assure my colleagues on the Republican side that people in my district are clamoring for ObamaCare. They want to sign up so that they can get health insurance and affordable health insurance.

That's not what we should be litigating here today. The fact of the matter is that Republicans are saying, It's my way or the highway. They're saying that if you don't agree to delay ObamaCare, we're not going to pass a budget and we're going to shut the government down. That is not leadership. They're in charge. They're the majority here. They're supposed to do their business and not try to go to the 45th and 46th vote on ObamaCare.

I could sit here and say I'm not going to vote for a budget unless you agree to pass gun safety legislation. That's not the way this place is supposed to operate.

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