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Pelosi Update - End the Shutdown Now


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End the Shutdown Now
Today marks the fourth day of the Republican Government Shutdown. They are insisting that they will not fund the government unless we overturn or undermine the Affordable Care Act. That will never happen.

There is a simple solution to this manufactured crisis: allow a vote on the Senate-passed measure to reopen the federal government. Enough of their members have stated willingness to support this bill -- we could vote on it now and end the shutdown in a matter of hours. It's time for Speaker Boehner to answer this call and stop the shutdown so Americans can move on with their lives.

House Republicans must take "yes" for an answer. Democrats are prepared to compromise and to adopt the topline budget number offered by our colleagues across the aisle. The House majority simply needs to place the bill on the floor: it will pass, and this shutdown will end. Once government services are returned, we can go to the table on the budget and get back to work putting the American people back to work.

It's Your Health, Made Simple
Open enrollment of the Affordable Care Act began Tuesday, and already millions of Americans have visited to explore the new opportunities now available to them. Marketplaces across the nation offer American families more competition, more choices, and, most importantly, affordable, quality health care. It's your health, made simple.

To find out which health care plan may be best for you, please visit the Covered California website and utilize the potential insurance cost calculating tool. You may also be interested in taking a look at my newsletter on Covered California, which is also available in Chinese and Spanish.

Health reform is not only about health care for America, it is about the good health of all Americans. This is about you. If anyone in your family has a pre-existing condition, diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, they can get the coverage they need. No longer will you have annual limits or lifetime limits on the coverage you can receive. If you want to be self-employed, start your own business, or change jobs, you can follow your passion and not be job-locked by your health care policy. These values rest at the foundation of our nation's strength. It's your health, made simple.

Comprehensive Bipartisan Immigration Reform
This week, my House Democratic colleagues and I introduced a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill. This legislation is about restoring confidence in who we are as a people -- by and large, a nation of immigrants, with respect and love for all of our brothers and sisters.

The only way immigration reform can pass in the House is through bipartisan compromise. That is why we have offered not the perfect immigration reform bill, but a compromise bill that should garner support on both sides of the aisle. It contains the provisions of the commonsense, comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate with a bipartisan majority and offers an alternative border security provision reported by the House Homeland Security Committee. It upholds the principles Democrats laid out from the start: to secure our borders, protect our workers, unite families, and offer an earned pathway to citizenship.

From generation to generation, immigrants have built, strengthened, and enriched our culture and our society. They have reinvigorated our economy. They have brought their hopes and aspirations to the ongoing pursuit of the American Dream. Every immigrant who reaches our shores with that determination and optimism makes America more American. That tradition is embedded into the very fabric of American strength. The time is now for comprehensive immigration reform.

Please feel free to forward this information to your family and friends. To learn more about these efforts, to express your views, or to sign up for email updates, please visit my website. I am also on Twitter at


Nancy Pelosi

Member of Congress

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