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Leader Cantor: In Divided Government the American People Expect Us To Work Together


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"In our last offer to fully fund the government, we asked for an end to special treatment for Congress. Simple. And we said, if you're having a hard time using Obamacare's broken website, you shouldn't be penalized for not signing up this year. Very Simple -- that's all we are asking for.

"A one year delay of that tax is more than fair, given how poorly the rollout of ObamaCare has been. President Obama gave this same relief that we're asking for to big businesses.

"But the President and Senator Reid wanted to protect that tax. So we asked to sit down and talk, and they said NO.

"In a divided government, the American people expect us to work together. Whether it is on the government's funding or the debt limit, people expect to have negotiations when there are two differing sides.

"In 1995, both sides sat down together under the same type of circumstances and they ended up balancing the budget. In 2011, as the Speaker just said, we all sat down together and now will have two consecutive years of reduced spending as a result.

"Never negotiating -- a position of not negotiating is not a sustainable option. And we ask this President and Harry Reid -- let's sit down and let's iron out our differences."

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