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KTVB - Gov. Otter Reacts to Government Shutdown

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Location: Boise, ID

By Karen Zatkulak

Federal employees throughout the state are no longer working, several agencies are no longer open, and local recreation areas are closed as well.

On Tuesday, KTVB sat down with Gov. Butch Otter to find out how Idahoans will be affected by the partial government shut down.

Otter tells us he's hearing it could be two or three weeks before this shut down is over.

He says during that time, most Idahoans won't see much change, but there are services that are no longer available for your family.

"I have never seen it this rancorous, I've never seen it so divided," said Otter.
Otter says he's simply disappointed that both parties in Congress refused to compromise -- leaving Americans without some federal services.

"It just seems like each and every egotistical move by somebody is met by this horrendous doomsday," said Otter.

This time the doomsday hits Idahoans in several ways -- tax audits, refunds and federally-backed loans will be delayed.

And local Defense Department civilian employees will be furloughed.

"Gowen Field, Mountain Home, and probably the Idaho National Lab would be the biggest and the civilians that may be assigned to those," said Otter.

If you're looking to travel out of the country, the passport offices are no longer open.
The Bureau of Land Management is now closed as well, including campgrounds.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service are also closing recreational areas.

Otter says the impact of this decision on Capitol Hill stretches farther than this shut down -- and could change the future of how our government is financed.

"This is much more critical as far as I'm concerned because it's going to really decide what public policy is going to be on do we balance a budget or do we not balance the budget at any or all costs," said Otter.

The governor could not give us any numbers yet on exactly how many employees in Idaho are now furloughed.

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