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Roskam: House Working to Re-Open Government--Will Democrats Join Us?


Location: Washington, DC

Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (R-IL) released the following statement on House Republican efforts to fund government programs and reopen the government:

"To date, the House of Representatives has passed multiple pieces of legislation to keep critical areas of the government open and funded--all of them drawing significant bipartisan support. The bills, to fully fund the National Parks; the National Institute of Health and cancer research; pay our National Guard and Military Reserve troops; fund the Department of Veterans Affairs and FEMA; provide D.C. local funding and continue funding the Women, Infant and Children Food Stamp Program have not yet been taken up by the Senate, and have drawn only admonition from the White House.

"Amazingly though, today's legislation to ensure back pay for furloughed federal workers received the president's endorsement over the other vital priorities passed this week. If the president and Senate Democrats truly wish to see an end to the government shutdown, they should support funding for critical services and come to the table with House Republicans to negotiate a larger deal to address our budget, debt and provide fairness for all Americans under the health care law."

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