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Northam Remarks on Cuccinelli Statement Attacking Social Security and Medicare


Location: Richmond, VA

Dr. Ralph Northam, a Democrat running for Lieutenant Governor, today made the following statement as regarding Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's recent attacks on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security:

"As a Pediatric Neurologist at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, over two-thirds of my patients are supported by Medicaid. These children have a variety of debilitating illnesses and without this crucial safety net their hard working parents would be unable to afford care. Ken Cuccinnelli's outrageous statements claiming Medicaid is about "power' and that it creates dependency are shameful and I am calling on him to retract them immediately. Helping children in need is something we as a people should be proud of and I will fight to the last any effort to erode our essential support system."

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