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Good afternoon--

House Republicans have passed 13 bills to keep the government running, including one this morning to provide back-pay for furloughed federal employees.

These bills fund critical programs, like making sure that National Guard and military reservists continue to get paid. We've also sent bills to the Senate that help some of our country's most vulnerable patients maintain access to the National Institutes of Health and allow hardworking Americans to visit their national parks and monuments.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is refusing to talk. Not only have they placed a barrier between funding negotiations, they've blockaded the Lincoln and World War II memorials.

Let's be fair: Restricting students from Germantown Middle School and veterans with the Honor Flight from visiting open-air monuments is a poorly conceived charade. But the White House has decided that winning headlines is more important than opening the government.

We'll continue passing bills, just like the one I supported yesterday to provide disaster preparedness funding for the folks on the Gulf Coast. And a growing number of Democratic lawmakers agree with this approach. In fact, over 50 House Democrats have already joined our efforts to fund critical government functions.

So while the president may think that short term gimmicks like blocking the parking lot to Mount Vernon will score political points, I'll remain focused on long term principles of getting the government back on track to living within our means.

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress

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