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E-Newsletter: Shutdown


Location: Unknown


At midnight, when the federal government shut down, it was Harry Reid's refusal to have a grownup conversation that cut the lights out on Americans.

The House of Representatives did its job. And we did it three times, passing reasonable budgets to keep the government's doors open.

But the Democratic-controlled Senate's denial of duty leaves families questioning if they'll have a paycheck to cover this month's bills.

It was never my mission to shut down the government. All I'm asking for is fairness. And the president's refusal to talk with lawmakers that aren't in his political party isn't what Americans expect or deserve. It's just that simple.

So don't be fooled when the White House tells you that veterans will lose services and seniors may lose benefits. In fact, employees at veterans hospitals reported to work this morning and social security checks are scheduled to go out as planned. The truth is the only real interruption in government is a loss of trust.

Like you, I'm concerned about how this shutdown will impact Mississippians. This isn't about scoring political points. It's about principles. And I will always fight for our Mississippi values.

I'll stay in touch as the House continues to work on getting the government back up and running and living within our means.

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress

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