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Governor Christie's Earns Support of 100,000 Member New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Press Release

Location: Bridgewater, NJ

Affirming the Governor's record of strong leadership on environmental issues for New Jersey, Governor Christie has earned the endorsement of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA). The Alliance is an association representing some of the largest fishing, hunting, trapping, and conservation organizations in New Jersey. Collectively, the NJOA and its affiliated organizations represent over 100,000 members in the state and the interests of over 800,000 state residents who fish, hunt, dive, and trap.

"Governor Christie has acted with a balanced and responsible approach to the issues that affect our members and our environment -- strengthening environmental protections and conservation efforts while also protecting the interests of sportsmen and women across the state who enjoy our beautiful outdoors," said Anthony Mauro, President of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance. "The Governor's leadership and partnership with us on these issues has been a welcome and needed change for the hundreds of thousands of residents who treasure our outdoors and value its protection. I'm proud to represent them and announce today our full support of Governor Christie for a second term."

Importantly, Governor Christie's leadership ensured that fishing in our waterways remains free by absorbing an unfunded federal mandate, requiring the establishment of a saltwater fish registry, without passing the cost onto New Jersey's residents.

Governor Christie has made sensible changes to ease restrictions on hunters and helped broker an agreement for a federally funded artificial reef that will be enjoyed by fishermen for generations to come. In addition, Governor Christie signed legislation creating the "Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs" Program across the state, helping to steer young men and women in New Jersey away from the pitfalls of drug abuse.

"The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance has been a steady and consistent voice not only for the preservation of outdoor recreational assets, but for smart conservation and protection of our environment. Our common ground makes it clear that we can have common sense policy making that protects our environment, improves public health, strengthens our economy, and gives our children and grandchildren the same access to these incredible treasures that we enjoy today," said Governor Christie. "I'm honored to have Anthony's partnership and the endorsement of organizations and the hundred thousand outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen they represent."

Since taking office, Governor Christie has acted aggressively on a commitment to protect New Jersey's environment and to hold polluters accountable. The Governor has stood against efforts to industrialize New Jersey's coastline, pursued a 10-point plan to preserve the ecological health of Barnegat Bay, taken legal action to hold out of state polluters accountable, and maintained a clearly articulated policy of phasing out coal-fired power plants in favor of cleaner, natural gas-fired plants.

The NJOA's mission is to serve as a grassroots coalition of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen dedicated to environmental stewardship. It champions the intrinsic value of natural resource conservation - including fishing, hunting and trapping, among opinion leaders and policy makers. They advocate on behalf of legislation, public policy, and policy makers who further the cause of lasting ecological and social enrichment through sustainable use of the earth's resources.

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