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Gov. Malloy: Feds Should Pay for All Unemployment Benefit Costs Resulting from Shutdown

Press Release

Location: Hartford, CT

Governor Dannel P. Malloy released the following statement calling on Congress to pass a resolution that includes compensation for the cost of unemployment benefits to furloughed workers, as well as for the costs incurred by the state Department of Labor for administering Unemployment Insurance program.

"Thousands of employees at Sikorsky are facing furlough next week due to the federal shutdown, with the possibility of thousands more to come. These workers and many more throughout Connecticut are out of work because House Republicans insist on playing childish political games. Families are suffering, and it's unacceptable.

As many of these workers begin applying for unemployment benefits, it's also unacceptable that Connecticut taxpayers be made to pay for the failures of Republicans in Washington. That's why I'm calling on Congress to ensure that, whenever this unnecessary shutdown is over, the federal government fully reimburses Connecticut -- indeed all states -- for the cost of unemployment benefits for workers. That includes the costs for employees at Sikorsky or any of the non-profits that rely on federal money to fund their payroll, and should also include the cost of administering these benefits.

This manufactured political crisis is harming the United States. It must stop. It's time for Washington to get back to work addressing the challenges confronting this great nation, so I once again call on House Republicans to stop thei

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