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Rep. Miller Statement on the Status of Responsibly Funding the Federal Government


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today made the following statement regarding the status of the Continuing Resolution to responsibly fund the government and protect Americans from undue burdens. Miller said:

"No one wants a government shutdown. In our great republic, when the two houses of Congress disagree on an issue, that legislation is sent to a conference committee where both sides compromise and come to an equitable agreement that can be passed in both houses.

"The Senate and President Obama know that averting a government shutdown is impossible without compromise. But today President Obama actually called Speaker Boehner and told the Speaker directly that he would not negotiate. And the Senate voted twice today to reject compromises offered by the House that would avert a government shutdown.

"Tonight the House voted to fully fund the federal government and provide every American with a one year exemption from the individual mandate in ObamaCare that forces them to purchase government approved insurance they may not want, or can't afford, or face a tax penalty. This waiver is similar to the one year delay in the employer mandate that President Obama gave to big business earlier this year. We also voted to eliminate special provisions for Congress in the ObamaCare exchanges which are not available to the rest of the American people. We were standing for fundamental fairness which was once again rejected by the Senate.

"Amazingly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the idea to force Congress to live under the same rules as every other American forced into the ObamaCare exchanges "mean spirited' and "a ridiculous policy rider that is dead on arrival.'

"The House has attempted three times to send legislation to the Senate to avert a government shutdown, and each time the Senate has said no, they will not negotiate. The House has now asked for a conference committee to work out our differences between the House and Senate; certainly that is a reasonable request."

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