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Dingell Statement on House Republicans' Looming Government Shutdown


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman John D. Dingell (D-MI12) released the statement below on House Republicans' pending government shutdown:

"This once-deliberative body has been taken over by knaves and know-nothings, content with putting partisan politics ahead of the American people. Today, we inch closer to the precipice of a government shutdown, led by a House Republican caucus in shambles. I've said before that I believe that this current Congress would be incapable of passing the Ten Commandments or even the Lord's Prayer, and today's actions have only further galvanized that belief.

"We must not allow a government shutdown to occur. House Democrats stand ready to pass a clean government funding bill that does not allow petty politics to jeopardize the finances of our nation. Failure to fund the essential government services that the American people rely on would be an unnecessary embarrassment that harms our standing in the world, further demonstrating this Congress's unique inability to handle the pressing matters before it.

"House Republicans must end their rampant rascality and put their party on a path to at least appearing is if they know what they're doing. This embarrassment must end, and we must do the job the American people have rightfully demanded we do."

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