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There are No Second Class Citizen Soldiers


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Congressman John Carter (R-TX31), one of the eight House Republican House Continuing Resolution Conferees, voted today to fund the National Guard and Reservists of the Armed Forces. This legislation would provide pay and allowances for the National Guard and reserve members of our military to ensure they continue to receive their pay despite the government shutdown. Unfortunately, the President has already threatened to veto this vital legislation.

"We cannot allow this Administration to discount our National Guard and Reservists. The President knows he needs to pay our military- our entire military. That includes the men and women of the National Guard and Reserve who have courageously fought for our country, fought for our freedoms and deserve to be paid for doing so," said Congressman John Carter. "The House of Representatives has made it a priority to fund the military. I hope the President and Senate will honor our reservists and pass this legislation to ensure reservists do not go without pay. What kind of message is the President sending with his opposition to paying our National Guard and Reserve? He is creating a second class citizen soldier and I won't stand for it."

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