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Where Do We Go From Here?


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Carter (R-TX31) is issuing the following statement regarding the needed delay of the implementation of Obamacare. Rep. Carter was appointed on Tuesday as one of eight House Republican Continuing Resolution Conferees, challenged to work with the Senate's conference committee to hash out, within conservative fiscal discipline, how to fund the government and provide a better healthcare solution for the American people.

"Where do we go from here? It's a simple question but in regards to Obamacare, this question has a very complicated and questionable answer. Simply stated, no one knows. Obamacare is not ready.

This is why I'm fighting for a delay. I would rather it be defunded once and for all, but at this point in time, a delay is more of a possibility. We must postpone this overreaching and damaging law that I believe will bankrupt the hard-working every day American. For those who are being forced onto the exchanges, the question of what's next is a serious and timely one that frankly isn't being answered by the Obama administration. There are hard-working mothers and fathers who are worried that Obamacare will break the bank for their families, their finances and their healthcare. We have business owners who are lost in bureaucratic uncertainty.

I have been appointed as one of eight House Republican Continuing Resolution Conferees who have been tasked with negotiating with the Senate's conferees, if they decide to have a conference. Right now, it's clear the Senate is not even willing to come to the table for discussion. This should outrage the American people. We cannot let Obama and his democratic-controlled Senate steamroll over the voice of the public. We cannot let this administration continue to pick and choose what laws it wants to enforce. It is not even fully enforcing its own landmark legislation- Obamacare. If it's not good enough for the administration to enforce now, it's clearly not ready!

I will continue my fight to fund this government in a fiscally responsible manner. I will continue my fight to delay Obamacare and protect the American public."

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