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Leader Cantor: Americans Expect Us To Work Together


Location: Washington, DC

"This week, Americans have seen once again that ObamaCare is not ready for prime time. A dysfunctional website is the least of that law's problems. We have asked for basic fairness to the American people -- no special treatment for anyone under the law. We are continuing to ask for that -- no special treatment for us and no special treatment for special interests.

"The President continues to refuse to sit down with us Republicans. Sadly, that is a hallmark of his presidency. In divided government, Americans expect us to work together to solve problems.

"This week, the House passed legislation to open up parks and memorials, to re-open clinical trials for children with cancer, to allow the District of Columbia to be locally funded, and to fund veterans services and the National Guard.

"Today, we will vote to open FEMA and the National Weather Service as we witness a growing storm in the Gulf. We're also going to vote to provide nutrition services for women and children in poverty. We plan to also, later next week, open up Head Start.

"Tomorrow, we are going to vote to ensure that all furloughed federal employees know that they're going to receive their pay once this shutdown is over.

"Fifty-seven Democrats have joined with us this week to make sure that some of these critical functions of government are operating while we in Washington are trying to work out our differences. I want to thank them for that.

"I'm hopeful that we can see more bipartisanship and start talking so we can end uncertainty and restore the confidence in our economy and the faith in our government."

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