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Congressman Cantor On CNN: We're Tired Of Playing Games, These Are Solutions


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Democrats Voted Against Funding For Our Veterans, National Parks and District of Columbia: "We have significant Democrat support on some of these bills. We just had up the bill to fund the Veterans Administration, a bill to help the District of Columbia take advantage of its own revenues -- having nothing to do with the federal government -- to help the people of Washington, D.C. and we also took up a bill to open up our national parks and memorials. What we intend to do is continue to try and bring forward measures to help people relieve the pain of this government shutdown. It's pretty unfathomable to me to see that Democrats are voting against the veterans, they're voting against the residents of the District of Columbia. They're voting against the Honor Flight veterans who came here today to see the World War II Memorial, to say that they couldn't access those sites."

We Want To Change The Way Business Is Done In Washington: "What we want to do is really change the way that business is done here. We should be focusing on what brings us together. No one disagrees with funding the Veterans Administration. So how could a Democrat vote against that? No one disagrees with funding the District of Columbia and allowing it to access its own revenues, not federal taxpayer revenues. No one disagrees with opening up the World War II Memorial. So why is it that you can say, well, we're just not going to support those things. That's a terrible message to send to people who are hurting right now."

House Will Act To Address NIH Issue Tomorrow: "You better believe Republicans are going to bring to the floor a bill that will address that issue tomorrow. Again, for the Democrats to say we're going to play a political game and we're not going to help those kids -- we're really tired of playing games. These are solutions here. We're working on things that all of us can agree on…I would like to guarantee that the people who are suffering, not getting treatment at the NIH could be answered tomorrow. We should have the ability to guarantee that. But yet you see the President and his party standing in the way. We're going to keep trying to talk. We're going to keep trying to solve problems. And I believe at some point the President and his party here on Capitol Hill will say, you know what, we're tired of shutting down the funding for these agencies. We're going to go ahead and work finally together, all of us, and that's what I think reasonable people would expect."

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