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Congressman Cantor: Children Should Not Be Denied Their Cancer Treatments


Location: Unknown

"As you can see, not unlike most Americans, my colleagues that are here today have been touched by disease, and have a passion to do something about medical research. Something that I've been working on especially in the area of pediatric medical research. And while we work out our differences here in Washington, children should not be denied their treatments.

"We passed a bill in the House last night that would provide the NIH necessary funding to reopen the clinical trials that Renee Ellmers spoke about -- that give hope to parents who may not have hope otherwise when they find their kids have cancer.

"I believe that Senator Reid must take up this legislation today for the sake of those children and their health. For five years, President Obama has carried an "I won - it's my way or the highway' attitude, and he's not reached across the way to Republicans who were also elected to solve the major problems facing this country.

"The President's refusal to work in a bipartisan way has led us to this shutdown. We must fix and restore the American people's faith in our economy and their trust in government -- especially before we reach our debt limit deadline in a week or so. It's time for the President and the Senate Democrats to put partisanship aside and sit down at a table so we can work out our differences."

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