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We Need Leadership

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WALBERG. Mr. Speaker, we sincerely need true leadership at this time--great problems, great challenges, great divisions--and yet our President's first call last Friday to House leadership clearly indicated, in his own words, that he would not negotiate. How can this be leadership?

Sixty-one percent of citizens polled recently want spending cuts tied to the debt ceiling bill. Bill, in my town hall meeting yesterday morning, said:

My wife is very sick. I pay $900 a month for my health insurance. I need that. But I want you to go to Washington and end the spending. Move our country forward. Shut down ObamaCare.

Mr. President, you won't negotiate? You negotiated with Mr. Putin and Mr. Assad. You've negotiated with the U.N. on an arms treaty threatening our Second Amendment liberty. Why would you not negotiate with the people's House and the people who sent us to restore fiscal sanity, economic opportunity, and liberty?


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